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Caring for your jewellery

We recommend removing your jewellery when you shower and when swimming (chlorinated or sea water) as moisture will damage your plating. Avoid spraying perfume and applying creams directly on your jewellery. This will ensure that your plating lasts for as long as possible.

Sterling silver and solid gold pieces can be cleaned using a polishing cloth

Please note with all plated jewellery, over time the top metal will wear away.

When not being worn always store your jewellery in a safe, dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.  Store your jewellery where it will not rub against other hard substances. A soft bag – one per piece of jewellery is ideal.

Necklace Care 

While our chains are very strong, it is still delicate in nature and requires extra care. Maintain your chains condition by avoiding pulling, catching or stretching the link.

 Stone/crystal care

Avoid impact against hard surfaces or contact with abrasive surfaces. Many gemstones are very delicate. Avoid extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics and household cleaning chemicals when wearing your jewellery.