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Lucky & Blessed

Designer: CVLCHA

$189.00 AUD
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Carefully designed to create a stunning original CVLCHA piece. Featuring seven lucky symbols, all with their own unique meaning bought together to create this unique pendant.

The symbols are:
The Elephant which symbolises luck, prosperity and kindness.
The Feather that represents strength, growth and hope.
The Horseshoe representing good luck and protection.
The Four leaf clover is said to represent good luck, faith and hope .
The Shooting star is said to have a magical aura that gives positive energy and strength. 
The Hamsa Hand is a protective symbol. It is believed to protect from harm against the evil eye and bring goodness, abundance, fertility, luck, and good health. 
The lotus is a symbol of enlightenment, purity, rebirth, and triumph over obstacles. 

Engraved with the words "Lucky and Blessed" on the reverse of the pendant.


"Make your Mark In The World and Feel Beautiful Doing It"


Product Description:

  • Pendant: 14k Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver base. Platinum Plated .925 Sterling Silver base.
  • Pendant Size: 20mm x 20mm
  • Chain: Cross Bead chain 20inch Extendable 
  • Chain Metal: 14k Gold Plated, .925 Sterling Silver base. Platinum Plated .925 Sterling Silver base
  • Nickel, lead and allergy free

    PLEASE NOTE: All stones and crystals are unique and may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the image shown.

    * Signature CVLCHA Gift Box Included *