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Raw Amethyst Gemstone Meditrina Necklace

Designer: CVLCHA

$149.00 AUD
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Carrying our Raw Natural Amethyst Gemstone Meditrina Necklace close to your chest, can be purifying and bring forth spiritual wisdom. It's also said that the Amethyst Gemstone can be healing and incredibly protective.

Featuring a beautiful small Jasper Crystal to our Meditrina, known as the "Supreme Nurturer" to assist with balancing the aura to a level of wholeness and peace. 

Meditrina is known as the Roman Goddess of Healing 

"Make Your Mark In The World and Feel Beautiful Doing It"

Product Description:

Handmade in Australia with high quality 14K Gold filled, .925 Sterling Silver base metals with genuine Gemstones and Crystals. 

  • Pendant: Raw Amethyst Crystal Necklace 
  • Size of Pendant: 17mm approx. 
  • Chain: Box chain 1mm thickness, 14k Gold Plated .925 Sterling silver 
  • Chain Length: 18 inch extendable 
  • Crystal: Jasper Faceted round 4mm
  • Nickel, lead and allergy free

    PLEASE NOTE: All stones and crystals are unique, and may have slight variances in colour, size and characteristics from the image shown.

    *Signature CVLCHA Gift Box Included*